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It Would Pass
She could see her reflection in the metal. It got clearer and clearer as she rubbed the grey blue cloth over the grooved surface. She knew every rise, every fall, every piece, every part of it. She could see her face getting more and more distinct with every pass of the cloth. Her hair was tousled, she looked tired, and her eyes were red.
She looked away from the gun, her face felt tired, it felt stiff. She set the gun down carefully, slowly, and touched her face with her fingertips. Her hands trembled and she could hear the shallow breaths as she took them. She pressed her fingertips to her forehead and pressed until she could feel the pulse of her heartbeat through her fingertips. And she closed her eyes as her breaths came quicker, shallower, and she felt her shoulders hunch and her lips parted. They felt dry and chapped and she hated the way her breaths sounded. Because she was crying.
They were shaky gasps that shook her shoulders and caused her to push her hands back through her
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Campus Sunday Night
I'm walking across campus and it's just
around sunset and there's no one out.
All I can hear are the bells at T-Hall chiming
the half hour.
And I'm supposed to be at work, but not for another
30 minutes. And I start to notice things.
Like the way the bricks stick out at the top of the Johnson Theater
like buttons. And I want to press them.
Or the clouds, purple and pink, slowly drifting across
the sky, like an ocean where the sun reflects
and turns the water red. And I notice the
way my feet sound when they crunch on the gravel
and I wonder when I consented to be ruled by a watch.
The sunsets almost gone now, I can only just see the
colors as they are moving into shrinking violet and
deep dark blue.
Some guys come along and they're loud
and suddenly the moment is gone.
I can see the street lights glowing
fluorescent orange and all I can hear
is the cars.
And my watch brings me back, sealing the moment
away forever. Because it's 7:55 and now I
have to be at work.
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Taylan at Christmas
Dante is out getting some milk and few small things from the store. I stayed home because I wanted to wrap some Christmas presents. Last year I had the basement refinished and turned into a kendo practice area for him. I had a hell of a time trying to keep him out of the basement before Christmas so that it would be a surprise. Thankfully his Granddad was here and so he helped. I don't know as I could have done it myself.
This year was a little bit simpler. We needed some new dishes so I got that, but that's just not so exciting for Christmas so I wanted to do a little something more. But... I can't say what I got him in here. *grins* Though I just almost did. Had to backspace. Forgot that Dante can see this. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Though it's safe to say that I'm hanging mistletoe just above the doors. He won't have a chance to read this before he gets home so that can still be a surprise.
I just plugged in the Christmas Tree lights. I love the soft glow from the tree
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She dances so beautifully that it take my breath away. Every moment I dance with her in my arms makes me feel lighter. Things are golden here. Everything feels warm and I am at home here. Here an nowhere else. This is real to me. The pain is not. Nothing else matters. Everything that's happened before is gone. I can't feel the pain anymore. It's like I don't remember anything else.
Anything else but the way the light shines in her eyes and she smiles at me. There's no one else here. The only music comes from the old gramophone. We both know the music. It's playing every time I'm here. Every time we dance.
The light floats around her, lifts her, she's graceful in ways I can only dream of. She leans against my shoulder and whispers in my ear. Only I can't hear what she's saying. But it doesn't really seem to matter because she smiles at me just the same. I tell her that I love her and her eyes shine.
I know the steps of this dance, we move as one all around the room and I know that it's
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A Walk in the Woods
It is a beautiful day. The kind of day for skipping A Seminar on Sufism and Mysticism and a Japanese Language Course and playing outside where it is still almost warm and sunny. The sky is so blue and clear and the leaves are brilliant shades of red and orange and the ground is wet because it poured all day yesterday and I say to Katie.
Lets go walk in the woods!
We take the shuttle bus out to her car in the West Edge Parking lot. We throw our book bags into the backseat of her white car. I tie my dirty old blue coat around my waist and push up the sleeves of my long sleeved UNH T-shirt. I put my shiny blue cell phone into my pocket.
Just in case.
The woods are dark; maybe they're enchanted woods I say. The ground goes squish squish when my white Nike sneakers sink into the not quite mud and there are yellow leaves all over the ground and it's just like the Wizard of Oz and we follow the yellow brick road. We have to push through the branches of some of the smaller trees to get through
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The Twins
"Tien... why do we work for the vampires?"
Etienne opened his eyes; he hadn't realized that Michel was awake. He turned over and looked for Michel's soft grey eyes. "Because they take care of us Misha." He smiled; Michel was brilliant, if a little absent minded. "Where do you think all this came from?" Etienne gestured around at the room they shared; it had anything they wanted in it, large windows and plants for Michel and video games and computers for Etienne. The vampires provided them with anything they wanted in exchange for the work they did.
"But why do they take care of us like this?" Something was bothering Michel tonight.
"They take care of us because we're very important. Our minds work differently than theirs do and we're able to make things for them that help them." Etienne brushed a few strands of hair out of his brother's face. It was just like looking in a mirror, looking at him. They were almost exactly identical, twins, though their mannerisms differentiated them quit
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Encounter in the Moonlight
The moon hung low in the sky, a pale milky circle of light in the midst of a bolt of black velvet cloth. The tall pine trees stood, like soldiers, resolute to face their fates with the grim determination of those who know they are going to die. The snow upon the ground sparkled as if tiny diamonds were embedded in its cold surface. The night was silent, the sounds of the day had been silenced by the harsh cloak of late evening.
During the day this forest was alive with the sounds of small animals and the tumult of life. As evening fell those sounds tapered off in a subtle decrescendo as the fading light in the sky went from blue to pink to purple to red and finally into navy blue and black. By then the sounds of the day had died away and were replaced by the sounds of the nocturnal creatures. But tonight was different, it was more than just a feeling I carried with me. The normal sounds of the night were absent. The silence was deafening in my ears. The tiny pinpoints of light, which w
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The Pressures on the Senna
Kailen threw his circlet to the ground and screamed in frustration as it rolled beneath the bed. He stormed around his room and hurt his foot when he kicked a chair and it didn't give.
Tiernan sat wearily in a chair beside the door watching the seventeen-year-old Senna fuming in frustration. He sighed tiredly. Kailen had been in a mood for days it seemed. His trials were drawing near and Kailen was absolutely nervous about them and he expressed his fear by making himself utterly unbearable. Kailen threw another book across the room. "Kailen… please calm down. You're not helping matters any by screaming around your room like this. And you're giving me a headache." Tiernan massaged his temples.
Kailen wheeled on him suddenly. "I'll do what I want! It's not like I asked you to be here. These are MY quarters." Kailen said spitefully and turned away again.
Tiernan was taken aback by Kailen's harsh words. He frowned angrily at the young Senna but said nothing. Kailen was famous for his fits
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